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Georgina Juarez - Curandersimo Practioner

My name is Georgina Juarez I am a curaderismo practioner with Kalpulli Teocali Ollin, certified coach and owner of Mujer Magic. I help support your healing through ancestral cleansing and blessing practices. Being able to Reclaim the powerful Magic and Medicina of your ancestors helps to heal the wounds and curses that have been passed. I guide you to reawaken the beautiful indigenous rituals and healing of your ancestors and assist you in becoming unapologetic for your Magic!

Working together

Co-Creating Healing

Have you been feeling a call to heal in a way that brings you a deeper connection to your spirit and ancestors? Have you been craving pieces of yourself that were lost by not being authentic? DO you find yourself longing to connect with women who are on a similar path of healing and self discovery? A sacred space to be honest, to be loud, and to be magical AF? A space that holds you in order for you to break free from your generational curses, wounds and trauma? Then Mujer Magic community is for you! This space was created for heart-centered platicas and ancestral rituals, as you allow yourself to discover new healing within you, so you can call your soul home.


“Georgina was the vessel I needed to connect to all of me. She gently guided me to connect to an inner voice I often loose because of doubt. She allowed me to feel all the emotions and feelings leaving my heart feeling whole and worthy of taking space. It’s so easy to forget how amazing we are, but Georgina supported me with re-connecting with all of me.”

Maria lemus Maldonado

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