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Georgina Juarez - Curandersimo Practioner

My name is Georgina Juarez/ Patecatl Cihuatl, I am a curaderismo practioner with Kalpulli Teocali Ollin, certified coach and owner of Mujer Magic LLC. I am a weaver of soul balancing, guiding you to reawaken your ancestors' beautiful indigenous rituals and healing that assist you in becoming unapologetic for your Magic! Being able to Reclaim & Remember the powerful Medicina of your ancestors will help to address wounds and traumas that have been passed down in your lineage, so you may become healer that you need.

Can you identify your ancestral wounds?

Bringing newfound awareness to the wounds of your ancestors and how they have a direct impact on your life can be a powerful new perspective.it can bring much-needed insight on how we have taken on those wounds in our own life and how we can now address those wounds with our magic and healing energy.
Can you identify your ancestral wounds?


“Georgina was the vessel I needed to connect to all of me. She gently guided me to connect to an inner voice I often loose because of doubt. She allowed me to feel all the emotions and feelings leaving my heart feeling whole and worthy of taking space. It’s so easy to forget how amazing we are, but Georgina supported me with re-connecting with all of me.”

Maria lemus Maldonado

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